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About Us
Marilyn has always been the creative one in the family. Her hobbies have included painting, sewing, quilting, and scrapbooking. However, Marilyn's greatest love has always been her dogs.  The dogs engage in all sorts of dog sports: agility, dock jumping, Nose Work and lately, Barn Hunt.

At some point, Marty started going to these events and was prompted to take pictures of their dogs. It quickly grew into a hobby and a new passion for photography began. So, in addition to his professional career in finance, he began to focus and develop his photographic skills, taking classes with his wife both at the local college as well as through the New York Institute of Photography. His photos quickly became popular at the Splash Dogs dock jumping events and the hobby grew into a business as well as a passion. He especially loves photographing agility as there is always a lot of fast paced dogs doing what they love and it shows on his images!

Dunkin and Phoebe are our two labradors that led us to our discovery of photography. Phoebe is a long, lean black female "field" type Lab - very smart and naturally athletic. At 12, she is still actively competing in agility but retired from dock jumping last year. Now she is learning Nose Work and Barn Hunt. Dunkin was a typical happy-go-lucky chocolate male Lab who loved people, water and carrying anything he could find in his mouth. Unfortunately, we lost him to cancer when he was eight. We now have a second black Lab, Yogi.  
Because he loves to retrieve and sniff, he is very enthusiastic to the new sport of Barn Hunt.
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